Grape Varieties

Sauvignon Blanc

Spring Mountain VineyardResponsible for many of the worlds most distinctive white wines, from Graves, Sancere, Pouilly Fume and the Napa Valley. Sauvignon Blanc is an early ripening, extremely vigorous variety. Choices of rootstock follow the guidelines for Semillon. There are a dozen or more recognized clones in France. In California, we have two main clonal selections, but also an interesting and increasingly popular clone, Sauvignon Musque' which has a spicy aroma, and Sauvignon Vert which exhibits a spicy aroma, too, but has problems with low acidity and high pH.

In another way Sauvignon Blanc is also responsible for many of the worlds most distinctive red wines. Through DNA fingerprinting, Cabernet Sauvignon appears to be one of its offspring.