Grape Varieties


Spring Mountain Vineyard

This variety is characterized by excessively vigorous and low yielding vines. In stressful, warm soils and in a warm climate it produces low acid wines of moderate alcohol. In Bordeaux, by itself, it often produces ordinary quaffing wine. It is the most popular variety in Cahors (southeast Bordeaux). It can have good tannins and color, but is generally less aromatic than its other counterparts. Blended with Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and Cabernet Franc the variety can impart softness and roundness to the blend. In the Loire valley it is blended with Gamay and Cabernet Franc. Due to shatter the variety continues to decline in popularity in France and the rest of the world. The variety has never gained popularity in California, probably because it is vigorous and temperamental. and these risks outweigh the possible benefits of this variety in a blend. It is best grafted to devigorated rootstocks.

Fifteen certified clones exist.