Reserve Blend

Spring Mountain VineyardIn reality, though one contiguous property, Spring Mountain Vineyard is not really a single vineyard in the true sense of the word. There are 135 different vineyard blocks spread over the 850 acre hill side estate. Each vineyard block has its own soil, slope, exposure, and microclimate. Each vineyard block produces a wine with individual character, each block exhibiting an individual terroir.

We treat all blocks with equal care giving every vineyard block the best winemaking and barrels we can. Yet, because of the vintage and the diversity of the vineyard the wines from the various vineyard blocks are not equal in quality.

In any given year one or more vineyard blocks produce a wine that exhibits characteristics that are so special that we cannot bring ourselves to allow that character to be lost in the blend that we assemble each year from the estate. These special lots are set aside, played with in blending trials, thought about, and enjoyed. Finally a wine is assembled to represent the best wine we can produce from each vintage. This is our limited bottling that we call Elivette.

It is the best wine we can make.