Other Considerations


When the maceration is complete the free run juice is drained from the fermenter to barrels.  It is splashed vigorously at this movement and also vigorously splashed in subsequent rackings off of gross fermentation lees.  If it has not completed malolactic fermentation by the end of maceration, the free run wine is splashed less vigorously, as aeration can inhibit the progress of the malolactic fermentation.  This free run fraction is always kept separate from the press fraction.

In most instances, because of the deep color and high tannins typical of the Spring Mountain vineyards, the coarseness of press wine is detrimental to wine  quality.  Press fractions are kept separate.  Because the press wines have value on the bulk market they are careful and gentle in the handling of the grape pumice as it is removed from the fermenter and brought to the press.  They limit pressing to 1.4 bars of pressure to ensure high press wine quality.