Winemaking, or vinification, is the combination of two disciplines, Viticulture, the art and science of growing grapes, and Enology, the science and art of making wine. The earliest evidence of a grape based fermented drinks was found in China (7000BC), Georgia (6000BC), Iran (5000BC) and Sicily about 4000BC. The oldest known winery was the Areni-1 winery in Armenia about 4100 BC.

What makes our mountain grapes so rare? Here are some interesting numbers:

  • Napa only produces 4% of California’s total harvest.
  • Napa produces only 0.4% of the worlds wine.
  • And Napa mountain fruit – a mere 8% of its total production
  • Napa contains half of the worlds soil types
  • Our climate is classified as Mediterranean, which covers only 2% of the world

  • Winemaking here in Napa valley and Spring Mountain is truly a unique experience we look forward to sharing with you.